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Honest Burgers – Manchester

Honest Burgers – Manchester
Dining Out

Honest Burgers is one of the places you just have to visit if you have one in the area. My closest one is well over an hour away so while on a trip to Manchester we thought we’d take take the opportunity and I’m so glad we did.

When we arrived at 4pm we couldn’t believe how busy it was, great sign of good food for sure.

We were seated and the waitress explained that everything, yes…everything is gluten free when you sub the bun! Music to my ears. I already knew the onion rings were gluten free and that’s a major rarity for a restaurant so I knew I would be ordering those.

There’s a special burger for every restaurant, based on an ingredient that can be found locally which I thought was great. I opted for the Manchester Local Special which consisted of their Honest Beef, Bury Black Pudding (yes gluten free), Runaway Beer cheese sauce, mini roasties, bacon gravy, rocket and pickles. A burger lovers dream. All the burgers come with Rosemary Salted Chips too, another amazing thing about this restaurant as a lot of places make you order a side separately, so value for money here is awesome.

When the burger arrived it didn’t disappoint. The bun tasted great, didn’t fall apart and had a great texture, so massive thumbs up there. Added bonus of the black pudding really made it as I honestly (no pun intended) can’t remember the last time I had it and the onion rings…well they were HUGE and extremely tasty. Nothing to fault here, I could of eaten it again it was so good.

Hopefully it won’t be long until my next visit, but if you’re in the area, don’t miss the opportunity to visit one if you haven’t already. With everything gluten free besides a simple substitution of the bun, you can be safe knowing the risk of cross contamination is extremely low and the food super tasty.

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