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Ask Italian – Worcester

Ask Italian – Worcester
Dining Out

This weekend I was asked to take a look at menus online of which restaurant stood out to me in terms of what was available and we would go their for our evening meal. Ask stood out to me massively with their extensive gluten free options as well as dairy free and vegan. I’m not vegan, but if something is labelled as vegan this means that there’s a high chance of having a dairy free alternative to cheese for me and my lactose intolerance, so I was super happy to see I had lots of variety to choose from.

We haven’t been to Ask for such a long time that we decided today would be the day that we revisited.

A new restaurant had not long been opened in Worcester which is fairly close to us, so we thought we’d give that a try. Worcester is such a great place for gluten free food. If you haven’t yet you have to visit, with the likes of Ask, Yo Sushi, Miller and Carter, Cote Brasserie, GBK, Bills & so on it would be rude not to.

When we arrived at the restaurant, I was presented with a gluten free menu all of my own. The list was very extensive with starters, main and desserts.

We decided to skip straight to main course as there was a pudding I had my eye on for afters! The waitress was extremely well clued up on the allergens and even noted that I had an intolerance to lactose, so taking the order was a walk in the park. What’s more, this place is coeliac accredited which gives you great peace of mind where the kitchen is concerned with cross contamination.

I opted for the super green pizza which happened to be gluten free & vegan, packed with veggies on a pea purée base with vegan cheese and I added prawns too for a small cost of £1.95. It even came on a completely different plate to ‘normal’ pizzas , with the addition of 2 stickers… 1 read ‘non gluten’ and the other ‘non dairy’. It’s the little things like this that make it so relaxing and worthwhile eating at a restaurant, just to be given that extra piece of mind. My dessert was blood orange and chocolate tart with a raspberry sorbet on the side, both gluten and lactose free! So tasty and actually quite light.

Overall an amazing visit and I definitely won’t be leaving it as long before I return!

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