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Yo Sushi – Cheltenham

Yo Sushi – Cheltenham
Dining Out

When it’s bank holiday and you’ve got no plans but yet it’s blue plate Monday and you know that Yo Sushi does gluten free options… it was a no brainer really, so we decided we would head to Cheltenham and seat ourselves in the restaurant and eat to our hearts content.

I have been coming to Yo Sushi for a while, it’s one of my favourite cuisines. Who doesn’t love an interactive lunch where you can just pick your food off a belt as it goes round?

They don’t have a separate gluten free section for cooking or preparing food, but I personally have never had an issue with being glutened in all the years I have been eating here.

Upon arrival I state that I’m gluten intolerant and they hand me a small stapled together few sheets of paper. However I will add that now they have an online menu with a dietary requirements filter so will show you only the items you want to see according to your dietary requirement. I selected non gluten containing items, I find this much easier than sifting through paper, especially as I have to try and cross reference with dairy and gluten.

The waitress bought me over some gluten free soy sauce in a different coloured bottle to the normal soy sauce and it was clearly labelled with a large sticker stating ‘gluten free soy sauce’. They also assured me that if I didn’t want to pick anything off the belt they will prepare my food fresh for me on a clean chopping board etc, which is great for those who are worried about the risk of cross contamination.

There are so many options to be had here; mixed maki plate, beef tataki, salmon sashimi, handrolls, nigiri and my favourite… beetroot cured salmon, which although is on a grey plate, happened to make its way to my table! They even have desserts of chocolate brownie, fresh fruit and mochi.

If you want a quick lunch or something a little more relaxed Yo Sushi is the place to be.

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