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Pizza Express – Worcester

Pizza Express – Worcester
Dining Out

The beginning of the Easter weekend saw us make our way to our local Pizza Express in Worcester before we had a lovely sunny stroll in the woods.

We quite often eat here and have done so for many years due to them having been coeliac accredited for so long and it’s even better now they have introduced vegan cheese – perfect to have so I can avoid lactose.

I must admit I always have pizza here and not pasta or salad, I think it’s safe to say the pizzas are incredible so I’d be a fool not to, but when I sat down and saw lots of people eating pasta I was very nearly tempted to try, it smelt so good! Being able to have the choice of pizza or pasta in a restaurant when you are gluten free is great so you don’t feel like you’re tied down to eating just one thing.

In Pizza Express you don’t get given a separate gluten free menu as all the pizza ingredients are completely gluten free and you just have to ask for it on a gluten free base. Same goes for the pasta dishes & the starters are all clearly marked as to what is safe for us to eat, including their gluten free dough balls, so I have absolutely no issues in having the same menu.

I like to change up what I have to eat here as we visit so often, this time I went for the Vegan Giardiniera, I fancied something full of veggies and even though you can customise any pizza to have vegan cheese, this was already done for me so seemed the ideal option.

It may sound silly but something so small as having a pizza which already has the correct options you want is so much easier than saying ‘but can I not have’ and ‘instead of this can I have this because I’m intolerant’. So nice one Pizza Express, simple ordering system and quick service to our table too.

It’s great here because the pizzas arrive on a black board so there’s no confusion as to what is what when the waitress/waiter brings the food over.

I will be thoroughly honest and say we made a bee line for Pizza Express for one main reason… the Carrot Cake dessert. I happened to see on their online menu that they had a gluten free and dairy free pudding. I think you’ll all join me and say that this is still quite a rarity for most restaurants to have a dessert that is free from both, so when I see this I’m a bit like a kid at Christmas, I just had to have it. It was incredibly light, which is good after pizza and full of the flavour of any ‘normal’ carrot cake. Super delicious and what’s more it comes with a coffee of your choice on the side!

Can you get any better than that? I personally think not!

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